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  • ADD US : Accqua Global Services
  • CALL US: (+94) 011 744 4135
  • Mail Us : teamags@accquaglobal.com
  • ADD US : Accqua Global Services
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Welcome to Accqua Global.

End-to-end finance & accounting solutions

The increasingly challenging marketplace today has further widened the role of a CFO where organizations globally are relying on their CFOs to manage complex and large volumes of transactions with much leaner Finance and Accounting teams.

We help CFOs, and finance leaders transform their finance and accounting functions to achieve peak performance at their optimal level. We bring an unmatched personalized focus to every interaction to understand their expectations and goals. Our hands-on “roll up your sleeves” team is comprised of former industry professionals who work along with you to provide tailor-made outsourcing solutions.


Join hands with us to accelerate your business and reach new heights !

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We Power The Finance Lifecycle.

Be a great place to work, people are inspired
Effective and accelerateds

Effective and accelerated month closure & providing expert advice.


We work with premier automated processes and sub-processes.

Assistance of high-quality

of finance professionals. We are always looking for specific approach.

Overcome staff turnover

Overcome staff turnover for various topics of business consultations


Audit-ready journal and general accounting, the involvement.

Collaborative and learning

Assured of our Consulting Advisors and BPO Operators

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